About Datafiks.no

Datafiks.no aims to give people who have fallen outside ordinary working life, work training, a sense of accomplishment and a valuable life.

Everyone who is in Datafiks.no are all social security recipients with benefits from NAV and work towards their social security. The prices at Datafiks.no reflect that it is voluntary work as the prices are market-wise much lower than others. Certain goods and services that are delivered may be perceived as more expensive, but that is because Datafiks.no does not have as good purchase prices for computer components as others do, as they required very high withdrawals and close to a billion turnover in order to be able to offer better conditions.

If you are a customer of Datafiks.no, you are helping people who do not have an ordinary job a valuable life in connection with a sense of mastery and dignity. Datafiks.no currently has no premises of its own and those who work in Datafiks.no therefore work from home.

Internally, separate courses are held and a very high standard is maintained and service is valued highly.

Remote assistance is also being worked on, but for now those who offer the right software are safe to use and not least the prices they have are far too high (180,000 NOK per year per license per user)

As I said, Datafiks.no works on a voluntary basis and several of the people who work for Datafiks.no have other action places they are at when Datafiks.no has nothing to offer on the relevant days. It is therefore very important that you as a client/customer value the prices that we operate.

For example, unfortunately we cannot match prices on hard drives such as Elkjøp sells for NOK 475, so we charge NOK 500 for this, but we offer a fully pre-installed hard drive as compensation. So that you just mount the hard drive yourself or that we do the work at our hourly rates, which are set according to the price list found here (Norwegian)