Datafiks.no will keep low and good prices, the goal is that everyone, regardless of financial situation, should be able to afford help fixing their computer, get a network set up without overpricing. Free advice is given by email about what kind of router you need and where to buy it cheapest from. Installation can often be done yourself, but many people do not have the skills to do this job themselves. Therefore, the prices must be low.

The aim is also that people who have fallen outside ordinary working life, but who have an interest in data and other things, can join. Blue. if you are good at designing for 3D printing what people are asking for.

The prices for all services must reflect that everyone can afford to use Datafiks.no
Our low hourly prices from NOK 390 per hour is also travel cost from our address to you and back based on time which is based on Google Maps. You do not pay for queues and tolls. If you are 1 hour away, the journey to you costs NOK 390 plus the number of hours worked and the return journey. E.g. that 4 hours are used at your place, it looks like this:
Travel trip: NOK 390
Work 390 x 4 = NOK 1,560
Return journey: NOK 390
Total: NOK 2,340

If work at your place takes 30 minutes, it looks like this:
Travel trip: NOK 390
Work: 390 – 50% = NOK 195
Return journey: NOK 390
Total: NOK 975

We drive electric because the prices must be kept low enough so that Datafiks.no can give you a low price.
The coverage area covers large parts of Østlandet, Innlandet, Vestfold, Østfold and parts of Telemark

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